UE Media Player sound

Part of the setup we are required to do is disable native UE audio system but this makes Media player videos not sound. Usually MediaSound components are incharge of rendering video’s audio, do we have something similar for FMOD? do we have an example of how to approach this?

Depending on the platform you are targetting there may be workarounds to allow the UE audio system and FMOD to coexist. What platform are you building too?

Hi jeff, thanks for answering. We are currently working on all consoles (switch, ps4, ps5, xboxone, xsx) and pc

The problematic platforms in this case are XboxOne, XSX and PS5, if you have access to each of those platforms already (we cannot have discussions about them on the public forums) then you can follow these links to view the workarounds:

The other platforms you listed should be fine to leave Unreal Audio enabled.

Hi jeff and thanks for the help. I’m sending this to the owner of the account with access to platforms