Is it necessary to load the fmod.jar file from an activity derived class?

Hey guys,
Our title uses the non-java native activity (native_glue_wrapper.c). Do we need to use the fmod.jar library? I think it mentions asset loading as one item. If we do, can we do all of this from custom JNI calls?

Thank you!

We require fmod.jar to be included for our threads and various other essential services, but you only need to initialize it from an Activity if you want to use our asset loading and automatic latency configuration.

It looks like org.fmod.FMOD.init is also required for headset change detection on some devices (historically Samsung devices) when using AAudio. If this is a problem and you don’t want to have any Activities at all you can use the OpenSL output type.

Other than that, you could potentially call into the jar yourself with JNI, but we don’t have any publicly supported API for that. We could look into making one available for situations like this, but for now it would probably be best to add a Java activity if you want any of the above mentioned features.