FMOD for java desktop game

Noob question: My team is making a game in java for desktop windows. Would we download the windows API and then use something like JNI to use the c libraries, or would we just download the android API? Pardon my programming ignorance, I’m just the sound guy, lol.

also, if we could be pointed to tutorials on the subject, it would be appreciated :slight_smile:

We do not provide a JNI wrapper for any platform, so the Android API package is no use to you when developing for Windows.

There are people who have developed their own JNI wrappers, so there is nothing technical to stop you.

Can you clarify what sort of examples you’d like to see?

well, I guess a link to one of those wrappers would be nice. No one in the team has experience with using C in java, so anything that can point us in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks for the fast response.

Here’s another idea, will FMOD Ex be easier to work with? If so, would I be able to use studio or will I have to go back and use designer?

With respect to using JNI, FMOD Ex will be no easier than FMOD Studio. Also using FMOD Ex would require going back to FMOD Designer which we would not recommend.