Is it possiable to be used in Wechat Game?

Hello, I am a Wechat Game Dev.
I am considering using FMOD in our Wechat Game Project. It is a mini game project such as Tik Tok mini game.
Is it possiable to be used in Wechat Game? Any risk?

FMOD only officially supports Unity and Unreal; we don’t officially support WeChat games, or any of the engines I’ve been able to find that WeChat games supports (Cocos2D, Egret, LayaBox, three.js, etc.), and as a result we have no integrations available for them.

As far as I’m personally aware this is untested territory. I’m not familiar with WeChat’s development environment, so I can’t provide a definitive answer on whether or not FMOD can be used with it or one of the engines it supports. I would recommend reading over our HTML5 documentation and seeing whether there is anything there that would prevents HTML5 FMOD from being used by itself.