Possibility of official support for the Godot engine?

Hey there!

There are some existing (and very comprehensive!) 3rd-party bindings of the FMOD API for Godot via C++ (see: GitHub - utopia-rise/fmod-gdnative: FMOD Studio integration and bindings for the Godot game engine) which seem to be quite good.

The founders of Godot recently formed a company, W4 Games, with the mission of enabling closed-source solutions like FMOD to become compatible with Godot, which is open-source. (So far, they’ve come up with compatibility layers for things like DirectX 12 support, which up to now wasn’t possible because of licensing issues.)

I reached out via their contact page a while back to inquire about a collaboration with FMOD, but never heard back.

Have you guys on your end ever considered adding support for Godot officially? (Is a big ask, but there seems to be a market for it.)


Godot is increasingly getting more popular, and we will continue to keep an eye on it. Properly supporting an engine integration is a large amount of work, both upfront and ongoing, as we’ve seen from our Unity and Unreal integrations. Currently we have no immediate plans to provide an integration for Godot, but we encourage the community to share their interest with us. We are especially interested to hear from developers wanting to license FMOD and use Godot as ultimately resource constraints can be overcome through hiring more staff.

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Awesome to hear! All of the sound designers I work with love FMOD, which is a major reason I’ve stuck with Unity–but as a developer I find Godot much more elegant to work with. For now I’ll try some of the community bindings, and see if I can get more folks to demonstrate interest in an official integration :slight_smile: