"Is playing" being inaccurate

I’m checking in UE4 for “is playing”. However, this seems to be very inaccurate. Even half a second after the event stopped, it still returns “is playing” as “true”.
I’m using an async sound so the event should only be as long as the sound that is being played, but even when I don’t make it async and make the event very short (shorter than the actual sound), it still happens.

Does your event have any of the following:

  • ADHSR modulation
  • Delay effects
  • Reverb effects
  • Persistent event macro property enabled

Does this happen with any event or just certain ones? If only certain ones then could you provide a screenshot of what this event looks like?

Sorry for the late response and yes you are right, it’s cause of the AHDSR module. The problem is that events can be interrupted at any time so we need a smooth fade out but I think I will find a way.