Is there a plan for releasing FMOD.dll for Windows on ARM?

Currently FMOD only supports ARM (Universal Windows), x86, AMD64. But, it doesn’t support Windows on ARM64. I need to build my game for ARM64 processor. But, I cannot do that. Please, support ARM64 Windows.

(FMOD for Windows ARM64) 2 years ago post.

We currently don’t support ARM64 for Windows, but could you let us know which devices you are hoping to target? Also are you looking for ARM64 for Desktop or UWP?

I have Samsung Galaxy Book Go device. But, it is just for testing app. (Galaxy Book Go is the cheapest WoA device) My main device is Razer Blade 17 (Mid 2021). I hope that my game can be run at Microsoft Surface Pro X devices smoothly.

And, I am targeting Desktop C# app.

To be honest, it is OK as supporting only x86/AMD64. Because there is few WoA devices. But, I hope that my app will be able to run on all Windows Desktop/Laptop devices as possible.

I know that FMOD already supports 32bit ARM for Windows RT (UWP). And, I tested that WinRT AMD64 dll can be used in Win32 app. So, FMOD supports 32bit ARM Windows for Win32. I think that it is time for supporting ARM64 Windows.

Thank you for that information. I’ll put it towards the development team to be considered for a future release.

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