Is there a way to automate "Interval Between Sounds" in Studio? I used to do this in designer...

(JB) #1

Just looking to automate a useful parameter like I used to in designer…

(Brett Paterson) #2

Are you talking about spawn intensity effect?

(JB) #3

I believe so… I used to automate how frequent a sound would trigger. Example: Based on tire friction, the higher the number, the more dirt/rocks will spawn. I was able to manually draw it. Hmm Am I missing something here?

Should I be trying to automate spawn intensity instead of interval between sounds?

My goal was to have the frequency of the spawns to go up as the parameter goes up.

(Brett Paterson) #4

Automation of the scatterer values is coming in an upcoming version, but for now I recommend copying the scatterer object with different spawn rates across a parameter track, and using that parameter to select different spawn speeds.