Parameter to drive Spawn Intensity in FMOD Studio?


In FMOD Designer, I used to use the Spawn Intensity effect to control how frequent an event would trigger. This is no longer an option in Studio, are there any suggestions on how to best create a similar behavior?

Really, I’m just looking for a way to use a parameter to adjust the frequency on which an event or multi-sound module within an event plays between it’s sounds.

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

The only two things I can think of is the ‘Play Percentage’ in a Multi-Sound container/event or ‘Probability’ in ‘Trigger Behavior’.

You can add a play percentage by right clicking an audio file in a multi-sound container; a percentage will appear next to all the audio files and you can define how often you want each sound to play. This can’t be controlled with a parameter, however, so the next option might be best.

There’s an arrow/triangle on the left of a multi-sound or event’s properties in the deck window. This is a nob that can have automation attached to it so might suit your needs more. This controls the chance for the whole container but the play percentage on the audio files will still be taken into account. This is good for situations where you want a muti-sound to play only a few times, maybe when the player takes damage, but you have a sound in that container that’s repetitive and don’t want it to play often. The FMOD videos actually cover this scenario a little with their ‘Survival Shooter’.

Anyway, hope this helped!

This isn’t really what I’m looking for. To explain the intended application, In FMOD Designer, I’m using the friction force from a tire to increase a parameter that increases the rate that an entire event spawns. Basically, the more friction, the more sounds of rocks hitting tires will play.

Essentially controlling speed of an event… IN the Trigger Behavior window, there is a way to use time and create an Interval Delay between plays. If there was a way to automate this parameter, then I could probably get the desired outcome.

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Ah, I see. The last thing I can think of is using a scatter sound.

You can’t add automation to the intervals but you could have maybe three of these that you cross fade between (one that’s very scattered to one that’s almost constant). Or, don’t crossfade and just bring up the volume of the really busy one as needed.

Maybe mixed with some parameter driven trigger probabilities for multi sounds, you could emulate your desired behaviour but that’s all I can think of.

Best of luck in getting this working how you want!

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An upcoming release of FMOD Studio will feature a new, automateable ‘Spawn Rate’ property for scatterer sound modules that does exactly what you want.

However, as of the time of writing (early August, 2017), there is no simple way to automate spawn interval in FMOD Studio. The closest workaround I can recommend is creating a timeline that contains a series of transition regions or loop regions with different probability trigger conditions, so as to allow the period of the loop they create to vary, and using this loop to trigger a sound module. James’ suggestion of using a series of different scatterer sound modules with different spawn intervals and selecting which to play with a parameter would also work, but may occasionally result in sounds spawning more frequently than intended when the parameter value changes.

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