Spawn intensity analog with ability to automate by parameter.

Just have some problem with import of Designer project into studio.
As i understand good analog of Fmod designer Spawn intensity is scatterer sound. But i found that i can’t map any parameter to Interval between sounds parameter, like i did it in studio with Spawn intensity.
Would be happy if you help.

I’m a bit late to the spawn party but surely automating spawn intensity in a timeline or via RTPC is now solved… right? I mean there *must be a way to do this by now * right?

@YanniFyssas As of the Nineteenth of October in 2015, there is not yet any way to do this in FMOD Studio. This feature is included in our feature/improvement tracker, and shall therefore be raised and considered at our next quarterly roadmap meeting, and at all subsequent roadmap meetings until we are able to schedule time to develop it.

Unfortunately, at the time that I write this (the Fifth of August, 2014), Studio does not include any feature that supports automating spawn intensity.

You may be able to work around this by using multiple scatterer sound modules with different intervals, and using a parameter to determine which one is used at any given moment; As long as spawn interval is a range instead of a single value, the rough granularity of the transition is unlikely to be noticeable.


I agree with Ivan here, this feature would be appreciated in FMOD studio.


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Thank you :slight_smile: