Is there a way to link a parameter to where the player is standing in a collision box?

I have a stereo, 2D event, with a filter on it, that I want to automate so a low pass filter opens up as the player moves to the centre of a collision box.

Is there a way without scripting to achieve this in fmod/unity?


This is entirely possible. All you need to do is automate the “Cutoff” property of the lowpass filter effect on a parameter in FMOD Studio, and use Unity to update the position of that parameter based on the position of the player in your game world.

Alternatively, it would be easier to automate the “Cutoff” property on a built-in “distance” parameter, and position the event emitted in the center of the area where you want the lowpass filter to be most open. This alternative method only works perfectly with spherical collision boxes, however, and will work less well with collision boxes with other shapes.

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