Show FMOD String .wav file name in UE4

Hi, I am wondering if there’s anyway to get FMOD to expose what the file name of the file it’s playing is in UE4.
Currently, I’m able to get the markers to show by using print strings to UI.
Is there a way to set up and expose the strings for the name of the sound files?

That is possible but not currently exposed by the UE4 integration. FMOD has a callback for when a sound is played or stopped:

From that callback, the sound name can be found. But to do this, you’d need to change the code in the FMODAudioComponent. There is a UFMODAudioComponent_EventCallback function that could be modified to listen to those callback types, push them onto an array to send back to the main thread for blueprint, etc.

Any Updates to adding this as a feature or does it still have do be done in code?

still in code at the moment