Is there any hotkeys for adding a point at current cursor position?

Like what I said in the title, I want to add a point at a specific time.
It’s so difficult to add a point in the right timeline position in FMOD Studio.
On a small scale, it’s almost impossible to mark a point at the cursor.
I have to mark the point on the largest scale possible.
Here’s the photos: FMOD point - Album on Imgur

If you want to snap to a round value, you have to click and drag the point. I don’t think you can snap to the timeline cursor position, but you can try.

You don’t need a hotkey to add a point at the current cursor position, as that’s the default behavior. The problem you’re experiencing is that when you’re zoomed out, a single pixel can represent a range of possible parameter values. This is a byproduct of all parameters being floating point variables.

Unfortunately, there is no plausible way for FMOD to guess which sub-pixel position you want to place an automation point in when you click and drag it. This is often not a problem, as positioning an automation point that finely is usually less important than getting it close enough that the output sounds right, but there are exceptions.

In any case, I can only recommend that if you need to set the position of an automation point precisely, that you use the “Move To…” context menu command to set its position to the specific coordinates that you need.