It’s fantastic to be able to override the min/max distance per instance using the FMOD Studio API. However, a value of -1 (for default) does not seem to be working as expected. I assume that -1 implies that the settings from the event editor are used, but when I set this, I don’t hear anything anymore (ends up with a size of 0?).

Is this behavior as expected?

Hi Ralf,

The expected behavior is that passing -1 should restore the setting to the value defined in the event editor.

However, I took a look at the source code and discovered that this is not in fact the case. Instead it ends up with a size of 0, as you found. So that’s a bug.

We’ll fix this in the next release. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Good to know. What this issue addressed in 1.07.07?

Sorry, the fix didn’t make it in to 1.07.07. It should be there for 1.07.08.