Issue with Reaper project link in Fmod 2.00.05

Hi everyone, I asked this question in the game audio reddit but figured I would pose it here as well for more visibility.

Odd thing I am experiencing.

Currently I am on Fmod version 2.00.05.

So I’ve linked my Reaper project into the Assets folder, and specified a folder path under the for fmod to see rendered assets in (simply a folder called Renders) and no matter which DAW option I select from Preferences, its not reading the updates to that folder correctly. For example if I choose “when Reaper project is saved” or “when fmod window is in focus” it attempts to reload that project (even if I may already have it open) with the dialogue “refreshing” but then errors with the following, Error: process crashed.

It seems to work if I manually unhook the render folder from the and relink it but its kind of a pain. The newest fmod version is 2.00.06, can anyone confirm if it works better there? I wonder if in version 2.00.05 it may have still been in beta.

This might be down to what is being used in your Reaper project and/or how it’s being rendered.

  • Can you confirm how fast your Reaper project opens from a cold start (ie. do not have a Reaper project already open)?
  • Are there any VSTs that take a long time to load, or require logging in (eg. an iLok account) before using?
  • What encoding are you using to render the assets and how does the render matrix look?

Hey Richard! Appreciate your reply. :slight_smile:

So it takes a few seconds to load up from a cold start.

There are a couple plugins that take a few seconds to load up with the project, and I believe some that require iLok authorization from the cloud, yes.

As for encoding, Im converting the files that I put in the render folder to 48kHz, 16 bit .WAV files.
I actually haven’t been using the render matrix process for this but just bouncing renders from folder tracks to an external folder, I thought that would be enough for fmod to refresh the Reaper project and see the files?

I’ve tried attempting getting the same issue with a few large Reaper projects but can’t get the same crash error you are seeing. Are you able to DM me and share the Reaper project to test out on our machines?