Error FMOD studio with reaper link project


I have an issue when I link my reaper project with FMOD studio
When I render a sound, during the fmod update, another reaper session is open then the error from fmod

Any idea?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Another user has recently run into a similar issue here. Would you mind trying the following from that thread, and letting me know what the results are?

Additionally, can I get your FMOD Studio and Reaper version numbers?


Cause of this error, I export my assets via File / Render and it works, no error.
This is the log in FMOD during the crash:

22:24:15 Activated 'test.fspro[*] - Console' for 'C:/Users/Utilisateur/Desktop/test/test.fspro' [#3 times]
22:25:13 Event activated: [None] 
22:25:13 Activated 'test.fspro[*] - Event Editor' for 'C:/Users/Utilisateur/Desktop/test/test.fspro' 
22:25:15 Macro: Refresh Selected Assets... 
22:25:25 Activated 'test.fspro[*] - Console' for 'C:/Users/Utilisateur/Desktop/test/test.fspro' [#2 times]

But I don’t use the regions feature of reaper, is it necessary?
I use Reaper 6.78 and Fmod 2.02.11

No, using the regions feature isn’t necessary.

Thanks for providing the version numbers - unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. If possible, could I get you to upload your Reaper project to your FMOD Profile so I can take a look at it and hopefully diagnose the issue? You can do so at, in the “Uploads section”.

Sure no problem!
I have to register the project first, I wait for the approval.
I will let you know when it’s uploaded.


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It’s uploaded!

Let me know if you need something else.

Thanks for uploading your project. Everything seems in order, however, and I still haven’t been able to reproduce the “Process crashed” error. That said, before you ran into the issue, did you update or add a new VST plugin to the project? I suspect that one of them may be the cause. If possible, could you test disabling or removing some of them, especially the more recently added ones, and seeing whether that resolves the issue?

Okay found it!
It’s the VST Kontakt Player (Free Version but I have an official licence)
When I delete it, it works

I tried with Kontakt but with no instruments and it still crash.
Maybe I have to set up Kontakt?

I’m not sure whether I can be of much help in directly resolving this, but you may be able to avoid the crash in this case by bouncing your Kontakt midi to audio, and then disabling Kontakt and/or its track to stop it from being involved in the render process. That said, I’ve passed this along to the dev team for further investigation.

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Okay! Thanks for helping