Reaper Link Integration issue

I am experiencing some very weird behaviour in my Reaper renders when linking to an Fmod project. Like mentioned here sometimes when I save, Reaper opens a new instance of the same project, and starts rendering more or less randomly.
I use the region render matrix, but when it opens a new instance (upon save) is sometimes renders the master track, and replaces it with some of the region renders.
Here is a link for videoreference

Nothing crashes(like mentioned here. I am using Reaper SWS/S&M Extension, so I am curious if it related to this issue?

Is there a workaround until this gets fixed?

Windows 11, Reaper v6.81, FMOD Studio 2.02.16


Thanks for the video detailing the issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to repro it on my end, but I suspect that may be due to a difference in settings or SWS/S&M usage that I can’t identify through just your video. Would it be possible to get you to upload the Reaper project in the video, or a stripped down version of it where you can consistently repro the issue, for me to have a look at? You can upload to the “Uploads” tab of your FMOD profile.

The first part of this is intentional - FMOD Studio will detect that the Reaper project has changed, and trigger a rerender based on your selected render regions. Rendering “more or less randomly” or rendering the master track unintentionally, however, is not. Would it also be possible to get a screenshot of your Region Render Matrix in Reaper for that project to confirm what should be being rendered?

Hi again,

Needed to register the project first, but it is now uploaded. I have uploaded both the Reaper project and my reaper config file.

I have recently switched to Windows and the intended behaviour you describe is not something I have noticed from the past(working on MacOS). After a render I would save the Reaper project and Fmod would be notified of the save and just update the link assets(with the new files in the Render folder location). Not render again. Is the linking behaviour different between MacOS and Windows?

But yeah, it also rendered something that was not part of the regions set to render (as shown in the video).

I look forward to learn what might cause this issue.

Thanks for uploading your Reaper and FMOD Studio projects.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on my end with your projects. However, all FMOD Studio does to trigger a render is run the following command, after which it refreshes its awareness of the rendered assets:

"your/reaper/install/reaper.exe" -renderproject "your/project/path/here.rpp"

This leads me to suspect this is an issue with either Reaper’s command-line interface, the configuration of SWS/S&M, or some combination of both. Have you configured any additional render behavior that you’re aware of with SWS/S&M that might cause additional regions to be rendered, or existing regions to be rendered incorrectly? Also, if you manually run the above command, do you run into the same issue? Or is it only occurring when the render is triggered from FMOD Studio?

There is a slight difference in linking behavior between Windows and MacOS, but functionality with the Reaper integration has been verified on both platforms regardless of this, so it shouldn’t be causing any issues.

Everything works as expected when I call the command from command prompt.
But right now, I am not able to reproduce the issue, that is shown in the video.

If I am finding a way to consistently reproduce it, I will report it again.

Regarding this linking behaviour I was wondering why it renders the project again? If I set it to render regions based on selected regions, I press render, the sound files are in the location where Fmod retrieves them. So when I hit save I would think it only ‘updates’ the render location(in the Fmod project), rather than calls “a new render” from Reaper.

Thank you for your help and clarification.

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FMOD Studio actively monitors all assets in a Studio project for changes, including any Reaper projects - it will trigger a render of a Reaper project if it detects changes, and then refresh the generated assets. On further consideration, the lack of this behavior on Mac may be a bug, so I’ll check with the development team.

No problem!