Fmod freezing on Reaper refresh

Just starting to try out the Reaper integration and I’m having an issue. Every time I save in reaper, then tab back to fmod, it tried to run a new instance of Reaper and then I get the “refreshing” screen that hangs at 50% immediately. If I delete the reaper link file and drag/drop it anew, it loads fine and I can see the few loops I’ve rendered out, but I don’t want to do that every time for obvious reasons.

fmod 2.01.04 / reaper 6.14

Thanks for any help,

Screenshot 2020-09-29 164351

I’m afraid that we haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior here. The second instance of Reaper does pop up for a moment (that’s expected, and is part of how FMOD updates the Reaper project asset), but the “refreshing” dialog completes its progress and closes on its own.

There must be some way in which our test setup differs from your machine. How did you import the Reaper project into your FMOD Studio project? And does this issue occur with other Reaper projects you create, or just this one?

Thanks for your time!

I’ve tried 2 sessions. Both were linked by dragging in the .rpp to the asset browser I think. But also both were just me booting reaper, rendering a vsts output and trying to link, so maybe I can try something with different origins.

I haven’t had much time to poke around since, but I wonder if it has something to do with my reaper render settings.

update: I tried a 3rd new reaper/fmod project. brought in some samples instead of vsts. and everything worked. but going back to my original 2 sessions still causes the hang up. I’ll try to figure out which difference could be causing it

It seems like my original 2 sessions aren’t actually hanging, they are just rendering very slowly for some reason, and the progress bar only shows 50% the entire time, so it looks like they’re hanging.

it must be the plugins i’m using because that’s the only difference. I noticed when using another plugin it would seem stuck on 50% for about 5 seconds but then complete. but the original 2 sessions take a few minutes.

Ah, that’s good to know that it’s working - and I’ve been able to reproduce the “long wait at 50%” here. I’ll add a task to our feature/improvement tracker to improve our progress bar dialog to make it clearer that progress is happening, but I suspect whether we’re able to do so will depend on the amount of information Reaper gives us about its progress.