Scatteret initial Time Delay doesn't seem to work

Hello, every time I try to set a scatterer with an initial delay interval, using the Tempo delay feature contained into its Trigger behaviour section, it happens something very strange.
It works for very little time delay like 300ms, but if I set the range to, let’s say, 2sec-2sec, the scatterer never starts even if it’s always active inside a timeline loop
Is it just me doing something wrong or is it a known bug?
Is there a workaround to get rid of this?


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After investigating, your instrument length has to be greater than the delay interval (independently to the loop length).
However, this behavior seems strange, and may be a bug (though easy to work around).

As Alcibiade says, the instrument’s length has to be greater than its delay interval for the instrument to play. This is indeed a bug, so I’ve added it to our bug tracker. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

Thanks, I did some tests and it looks like the behaviour is like you guys said.
But what if the Scatterer Instrument is placed inside a parameter sheet instead of a timeline? It looks like it always works as expected, but please test also this behaviour because could also be something strange in this configuration


Never fear. Whenever we discover a bug, we test a wide range of related behaviors, just in case the same bug has caused related problems in other areas of our software. In this case, we’ve yet to find any such related problems, but testing is still ongoing.