Issue with volume amplitudes?

(spectralgeth) #1

For some reason, in the Fmod project I’m working with - all my sound effects I create and import into Fmod are punchy and loud in the “assets” tab, in the root folder of where they’ve been imported into the Fmod project… but dropping them in an event track seems to make them noticeably less loud and punchy…

I’ve tried things like increasing the track volume, increasing the volume of the individual sound asset module via it’s event track deck…

I even add an Fmod Limiter to the master track on the event and it still isnt coming through as loud as in my DAW and some of the detail becomes lost…

I can only increase the volume or Fmod limiter input so much before noticeable, audible distortion, I’m not sure what’s causing this issue?

The sounds have all been maximized and made to sound good in Reaper, bringing them into Fmod seems a problem though.

(Joseph Harvey) #2

There’s a large number of possible reasons why this could be happening; The most likely is that your event has a 3D Panner effect on its master track, which automatically attenuates volume based on the distance between the listener and the emitter. Try double-clicking on the 3D Preview; If that doesn’t help, try deleting the 3D Panner effect and see if it makes any difference.

(Sander) #3

This might be a long shot, but I experienced the same when I was using stereo sound files in FMOD’s default 5.1 setup. Changing the FMOD project setup to stereo brought the (perceived) volume back to the expected levels.