Issues with Importing Timeline from Linked Reaper Project

Hi there, trying to get a bunch of music imported into FMOD today and thought I’d explore the Reaper integration. It was fairly simple to get started thanks to the documentation.

I’ve got a linked project successfully imported into the Assets tab, and automatic re-rendering is happening when I save the initial project. The FMOD project can see / play all linked exports. That part’s fine!

But, I’m interested in building an Event timeline from this same linked project.

I’ve generated an .fsprometa file, exported everything according to $track_$region, and specified a Rendered Assets Path (“Renders”) within the dialogu. This is an immediate subdirectory of my Reaper project and where I bounced all my files to.

Dragging the asset over to Events and trying to create a 2D timeline from it produces the following error:

Failed to create an event due to an invalid .fsprometa:


How would I troubleshoot issues with the .fsprometa file? All references within it look sound, and match exactly the files contained in the specified Rendered Assets Path.


Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for us to know what is wrong with your .fsprometa file without examining it. Are you able to send a copy of it to us?

Done! Just uploaded.

Having looked at the contents of the file, it includes a file path that has ‘’ characters in place of some of its ‘/’ characters. (I won’t quote the path here, in case it’s something you’d prefer to keep confidential.)

You should be able to find the path easily if you open the file in a text editing program such as Notepad. Try correcting that path to use ‘/’ characters, then importing the file into FMOD Studio again.

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Getting a similar error now that happens anytime I save a project that I’ve got linked to FMOD for asset / render monitoring (by specifying a folder). The first time I drag the .rpp into FMOD and manually assign a Rendered Assets Path, all works fine, but subsequently, saving the Reaper project (which triggers an FMOD rescan of the link) gives me this error:

Any ideas what might be going on here?

It’s in the same sort of path hierarchy as the previous .fsprometa file, so I’m wondering if it’s an issue with that again (there’s a “#” character in the path that I think might have been problematic?).

If it’s an issue of ‘/’ vs ‘’ (the path within the .fsprometa has all parent directories using ‘’ and then the final directory slash using ‘/’, e.g. “C:\Luca\Stuff/place.rpp”)—why is it doing that automatically and not just using one type of slash the entire time?

That error message usually indicates that an application isn’t where FMOD Studio expects it to be. What path is Reaper installed to on the machine that shows this message?

FMOD consistently uses ‘/’ internally, and will only use ‘\’ if it is given a path including that character by some outside source. Windows is the most common source of paths that include the ‘\’ character, as it uses them as directory separators. A few other applications also use this format.

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