Reaper integration: DAW Project Error - "the parameter is incorrect"?

Hello, I’m trying to use the Reaper integration and every time I save the Reaper project, FMOD gives this error:

DAW Project Error - Failed to render DAW project “E:/(the Reaper project path).rpp”. Error: Process failed to start: The parameter is incorrect.

What does this mean, exactly?

To be clear, I am able to import the RPP file, I can specify the Rendered Assets Path, and can I assign assets into events and play them back. But if I change something in Reaper and render those assets again with the same filename, the assets won’t be updated in FMOD, nor will they be copied over to my FMOD project’s Assets subfolder.

This error message usually indicates that FMOD Studio is unable to find Reaper on your machine. If you open the preferences dialog and go to the DAW tab, can you confirm that the Reaper application path matches the location in which you have installed Reaper?

Yes, it matches.

Bump. Has anyone had this same problem?

@joseph Anything else I should try?

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This issue might also be caused by your source control executable file not being in the location FMOD Studio expects it to be. Does its location match the one specified in the source control tab of the preferences dialog?

If that doesn’t help, does the error message appear in the console window, or in a dialog? Are you able to send us a copy of your FMOD Studio session log?

Yep, i have the same problem! Have you found any solutions?