Issues with mac build of the game

I am having a problem with FMOD studio compatibility with Unity on the Mac. When I make a build, the events cannot be found, and no sound plays, even though the sounds work perfectly fine in the editor on the mac. The windows version of the game works fine. I know FMOD is Mac compatible. What is causing this to break and how do I fix it? I have tried re-building the project using FMOD studio on a mac, but that did not work.

Versions of the FMOD Studio Integration for Unity older than 1.05.16 have an issue with Unity 5 OSX standalone builds.

Thank you. How do I update my FMOD integration version? I tried doing it automatically, but Unity didn’t delete the previous version of FMOD. I also tried deleting all FMOD-related scripts from the project and then re-installing FMOD, but it still gave me errors and refused to update my changes to the audio.