FMOD Live Update Not Working in MacOS Unity Build


I’ve been working on a unity project and no matter what I can’t get fmod live update to work in a MacOs Unity Build.

The problem is that it works perfectly in the Windows Unity Build, running on the port 9264.
But in mac it did not work.
It displays the same error I get if a put a wrong ip adress or wrong port, that is the “IP Socket Error”.

I tried listing the ports in the mac terminal, and I didn’t find the 9264 port. Actually the build changes its port every time I restart it.
I tried changing the port in the Unity FMOD Settings, tried adding a specific platform to MacOS, tried changing the port to match the one given in the terminal… nothing seems to work.

In this last case, if I try to change localhost:9264 to
localhost : (unity build port number showing in the terminal)
The error changes of “Socket Error” to “Connecting”, but anyways it did not work.

I searched very deep in google for some answer, and find no one with this same issue, I also have read the fmod documentation about live update all over again (a suggestion: would be very nice to have a specific topic about live update with builds and not just with the unity editor)

I also reistalled fmod and checked if the fmod version matches with fmod unity integration version, and both are correctly (2.01.07).
I did not reinstalled the fmod package because the project is very big and already have several scripts using fmod library (and it is working perfectly with windows unity build, both in the editor and in the build)

So… idk if I forgot something crucial in this whole process, or if mac needs some extra configuration, but that’s it. I appreciate if someone can help me to find a solution.

Thanks in advance

What version of Unity are you using? Here are a few things you can try if you haven’t already:

  • Restart your computer
  • Check Firewall settings
    1. In System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy
    2. Unlock to make changes
    3. Click on Firewall Options…
    4. Untick “Block all incoming connections”
    5. Ensure Unity and FMOD Studio are set to allow incoming connections, adding them to the list if not present
    6. Tick “Automatically allow built-in software to receive incoming connections”
    7. Tick “Automatically allow downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections”
    8. Untick Enable stealth mode
  • Update FMOD Studio and the FMOD Unity integration, ensuring they are the same version

Please let me know if it still doesn’t work after trying that.

Hello jeff!
Thanks for the reply!

Actually I already did all those steps before you answer, because they were necessary to open the unity build in the mac OS anyways… but thanks for the reminder.

What happened was that when I opened the unity project itself on a mac OS it showed several warnings saying “event not found etc etc”, even with the event browser showing the events there. (these errors didn’t show on windows unity project, and the windows build worked fine so…)

In the end, live update wasn’t working because the events wasn’t being found in the mac build (I don’t know why it happened only to mac) so I deleted the and builded it again (but this time with mac OS fmod project) and… it finally worked. I think that something about the master bank built in windows OS did not work on mac OS and I had to re-build it…

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