Known issues for 2.02.05

A crash bug was found after release that affects all FMOD 2.02.05 products.

This issue has been fixed and patched versions of all FMOD 2.02.05 products are available on the Download page.

This is kind of late query, but…

Is there a way for us to tell the difference between a broken already-downloaded 2.02.05 build and the newer fixed 2.02.05 build?

We had already upgraded to 2.02.05 before the bug fix and so it was already on our build machines. After the bug was announced, we downgraded back to 2.02.04 because that was the only way we could think of to be sure we absolutely had the broken version of 2.02.05 entirely out of our whole build pipeline; the fixed 2.02.05 shows the same values in FMOD_VERSION and returns the same results from FMOD_System_GetVersion() as the broken release did, so there was no reliable way for us to verify that we’d actually updated every build machine and every platform that needed to be updated.

Do you have any guidance for how we can better handle this sort of situation in the future?

Look in doc/revision.txt :

20/12/21 2.02.05 - Studio API minor release (build 122665) ← Unpatched. Don’t use it.
4/2/22 2.02.05 - Studio API minor release (build 123444) ← Patched. You can use it.

Or get 2.02.06 which has just been released.

Thanks! Is there an API to access that build number at runtime?

(we’ll be upgrading to 2.02.06 just as soon as we’re out of code lockoff for our current update)

Currently there’s no way to access the build number at runtime. I think we’ll fix that for a future release. For now, you can see the build number at the top of the fmod log file in a logging build.