libfmodL.dylib was in manifest but was not produced.

I am using Unreal 4.13.1 source version and FMODStudio 1.08.12.
when I build my project by Unreal RunUAT.command BuildCookRun, manifest error occurred.
“AutomationTool terminated with exception …/Engine/Binaries/Mac/ was in manifest but was not produced.”
however when i use Unreal 4.13.1 launching version, it works ok.
my project hierarchy is like below.

  • Engine

    • Binaries
    • Sources
    • etc…
  • Game

  • Plugins
    • FMODStudio
  • Sources
  • etc…

How can I fix this?

the problem was fixed using nocompileeditor parameter.
when i execute RunUAT.command, UE4Editor should not be included in the build list.

RunUAT.command -nocompileeditor etc…