Loading geo vs using own raycast

Hello. I was wondering what benefits I would get from loading geo into FMOD vs doing my own raycasting. I already have efficient raycasting working, so I’m reluctant to sync the geo up if I’ll only get point-to-point raycasting. From testing this seems to be what you get, as far as I understand there are no secondary rays being casted or any diffuse or scattered sound reflections going on, am I right? And will uploading geo give me any other benefits?

Thank you in advance for any answers, I appreciate it.

FMOD’s polygon-based geomtery occlusion handles just that - it’s a useful way to automate occlusion based on the provided geometry, and currently has no functionality for handling diffusion or reflection. Since you already have an efficient raycasting system, it’d likely be better to use it to calculate low-pass filter cutoffs for occlusion instead of importing your geometry into FMOD.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much Louis, that answer saved me a lot of time experimenting. Have a great day!