Sound Reflection map

hello, I’m making a mod for gta sa based on Multi Theft Auto multiplayer for my fork. I have encountered a situation where when setting the sound point, I hear the sound through a hill or through obstacles. tell me how to load the geometry of the map. is it even possible to implement this in order to. and if it is possible - is it possible to download it in advance. in order not to load the lua virtual machine in the game client (so as not to iterate over the edges of all objects). maybe there are some ready-made examples? (I myself am from the CIS and sometimes it is difficult to find implementation data on github. Maybe it is possible to do this somehow in unreal engine or in unity?

My api code

please do not scold me for my bad code. soon I will be returning pointers in luaVM and not storing them in a list

after studying the materials on YouTube about sound occlusion, I found 2 options. 1) this is to calculate collisions from the sound source to the camera (which can be costly in performance on 1 core) 2) this is to use steam audio, which is still not completely clear to me how to work with it at the software level