Loading mode of files on AudioTables

I think ‘programmersound and audiotable’ is very nice feature especially for localizing character voices.
But I don’t understand why there is no option such as ‘streaming’ on AudioTable or each files on AudioTable.
How can I set loading mode of files on Audiotable? Or is it automatically set ‘stream’ for some long files?

Hello Howu,

When you create the sounds for a programmer sound, you get to set the mode or type for it in the callback.

For example, in the programmer_sound.cpp example in the API download, we use createSound to pass the actual audio file into the programmer instrument. You can set this to createStream instead to make it a streaming asset.


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Hi Richard, thank you for your informing that there’s a way to stream audio files using createStream.
However, it’s not a nice solution, I think.
Triggering an event on UE (or Unity) with fmod integrations, we(Sound Designers especially) don’t need to use createSound or createStream.
It’s a very good virtue of Programmer sound that localising voices with very easy way. - I just make events and audiotables, and load (or unload) banks according to language sellection.
How about adding a new feature to select loading mode of each file, to next version?

Hi Howu,

We’re always looking to improve, so I’ll add your suggestion to our tracker. We are looking at improving the programmer instrument/audio table workflow for future releases.

Just to give a bit more information - the programmer instrument is literally an instrument for programmers to work with. It provides callbacks that the programmer can work with however they wish, and localization is one of the most common usages. Whatever the usage it would require some help from the programmer to set up. You can see from our Unity example on programmer instruments that once it has all been set up, just the function PlayDialogue(key); is needed.


I hope this has given a bit more context for you. Again, we’re always looking to improve our solution for sound designers.


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