Loading/Unloading of audio files between levels


I’m looking into moving to FMOD in our next project and have a question about the loading of audio files between levels.

In our current game (using Unity’s built in audio) we have a system where our sound effects are stored in a bunch of Asset Bundles. When a level starts all level objects tell the system what files they need, and the system opens the asset bundles needed and loads only the audio files we use into memory, and unloads the asset bundles. After a level the sound files that are re-used in the next level are kept in memory (everything else unloads) and only new audio files are loaded into memory.

This works really well and the memory usage is kept to a minimum.

Is there a solution to use a similar approach for FMOD? Does FMOD’s bank files need to be fully loaded into memory or can you load only the audio-files needed from a bank and unload the rest of it?



By default, when a bank is loaded only event metadata is loaded, and audio samples will be loaded/unloaded automatically when events are called. If you want to load in samples ahead of time you can use Bank.loadSampleData to load everything in a bank, or EventDescription.loadSampleData for individual events- so you can definitely recreate the same behaviour in FMOD.