Sample loading process unsing audio table

I want to ask if someone can explain, how the sample loading works if you are using audio tables with programmer sounds.
For example, I have multiple dialogue banks for each language, but all dialogue lines of one language are contained in a bank.
I use UE blueprints to set the programmer sound name and then play it.
When is the audio file actually loaded?
Is it loaded, when the bank is loaded or if the programmer name is set, or even then when the play command comes?

The programmer in my team has created a custom dialogue system for the game and they want to know how FMOD handles this.

thank and regards

By default samples aren’t loaded until the event is played, but you can use Studio::EventDescription::loadSampleData to load individual event’s sample data ahead of time or Studio::Bank::loadSampleData if you want to preload an entire bank. The exception to this is streaming assets, where smaller chunks of sample data are loaded in as required while the event is playing.

Thanks for the reply! :slightly_smiling_face: