Localizable Audio Table entry picker in Unity UI

Hello All,

To add a visual picker for Audio Event one needs just to apply [EventRef] attribute for the string field.

I wonder if there is any trick like this to make Localizable Audio Table entry picker? It would simplify (and make less-error pronous) to setup our dialogue system.

If not - is there any way to list Localizable Audio Table entries in Unity Editor (I mean Editor only)?

If also not - what is expected workflow then to setup Dialogue system in Unity?

We do not currently provide a way to look up the values of an audio table from inside the Unity Editor. If you export your banks with a keys.txt file (see docs) you could potentially read the file and present the keys in a list with your dialogue callback class (also in the docs).
The expected workflow is that you/your programmer sets up a callback, as in the example above, and calls the values of the audio table programatically.

Thank you for clarification.

I managed to work-around the problem by setting a specific directory for Audio Table and iterating it via Unity System.IO.Path. Still a hack, through :slight_smile:

The problem with workflow you described is in near impossibility to detect unused audio tracks. Not to mention there is no UI feedback for content designer (we wanted to have intellisense-like experience when entering sound sample to be used by dialogue line). Both problems are workarounded by the solution above, but it is a pity that there is no such feature directly in-editor (it could still compile to some kinds of no-ops after final build)

That sounds like a good solution- and I can see how it would be difficult to work with audio tables since table keys aren’t caught in the Unity Editor like EventRefs are. I will raise a feature request with the Dev team to look into a way of looking up the values of an audio table inside the Unity Editor.

Thank you :slight_smile: