Looking for a Delay with a low pass filter

Is there or does anyone have a suggestion for making a Delay effect with a LPF in it so each instance of the delays gets duller? …Like an echo?
I am using 2.01.08 and there only seems to be a simple delay provided.


Only thing I can currently work out is to have a chain of 3-4 send and returns with a delay on each with a LPF so each gets progressively duller.
Any other ideas?

Simply do something like this: an EQ in the same FX chain after the delay, with the frequency automated on the timeline. However, this works well for short and distincts sounds ; if you want long and overlapping sounds which a different character for each delay instance, it may be better to find something else.

Hey Alcibiade, Great and simple suggestion!
Unfortunately it doesn’t work for my situation.
This is essentially on a BUS, rather than an Event, so I need the effect to happen on any sound that comes through the bus, rather than in a linear fashion.
Thanks for your reply.

So in this case, the send cascade may indeed be the best solution!