Delay effect behavior

The documentation has this to say about the delay (echo) effect:

“Note. Every time the delay is changed, the plugin re-allocates the echo buffer. This means the echo will dissapear at that time while it refills its new buffer.”

The second part of this doesn’t seem to be true. I’ve been adjusting the delay length while the effect is running and it seems to handle this smoothly. But I’m wondering about the first part. If I set the delay length to a large initial value, then only turn it downward at runtime, will it really reallocate the buffer? Or will it only allocate a big buffer once and keep using it even when the delay length gets shorter?

Thanks to anyone who can clear this up!

The FMOD_DSP_ITECHO buffer does get blown away when the delay is changed. What I have observed is that while changing the delay in small amounts can seem fairly smooth, it should still be quite noticeable.

However, FMOD_DSP_ECHO has had this issue fixed by interpolating between the delay values.