Loop autopitch audio


I want to loop an audio and use autopitch modulation. But this gives some repeating wave alike sound. How to avoid such?
Many thanks


I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Could you please explain in more detail what it is that you are trying to achieve?


as you can see I’ve autopitch. Sonds fine depending engine speed, but has kind of waving, repeating sounds. How to fix this?


Unfortunately, I can not identify the problem you’re hearing from your description of it or that picture. Are you able to send us a copy of your event?


Is there a filter etc. to reduce sound repeatings? Should be very common for ex. with car engines etc.


The most common way to avoid repetition is to use a multi instrument that contains multiple different source audio files.

The second most common method is to introduce random variation by adding a random modulator to the pitch of an instrument, but this generally does not work well in conjunction with most events that feature autopitch modulation.


Thanks. With adjusting pitch values I get it almost ok. Could you give me a link/instructions for a simple fmodstudio example on how to use multiple sounds with autopitch? How to set a sound to only play for ex. pitch values 0.8-1.0 and the other sound 0.0-0.7?


To do that, just place each sound into a different instrument on different parts of the parameter such that one runs from the parameter value that’s 8/10ths of the root pitch position to the root pitch position, and the other runs from parameter value zero to 8/10th of the root pitch position.