Loop sound events stop in case of application hide (Unity Integration)

In my main menu scene I have loop sound event which plays until the player will start the game. And everything is fine when I test it in Unity editor but when I make GP or IOS build I have the following problem: sometimes, if I hide the application in main menu scene and unhide after a while, I don’t hear this event in main menu. The strangest thing that debug shows me that this event is still in playing state, its volume not zero and everything should be fine. In application hide/unhide case I use RuntimeManager.MuteAllEvents(). Please, help me, what could go wrong with sound when app is hided?
Unity version: 2019.3.0f6
FMOD version: 2.00.07

You shouldn’t need to call RuntimeManager.MuteAllEvents(), the RuntimeManager has code to handle the app going to the background and also interruptions.