Looping animation and sound sync

We have some looping environment animations, a few seconds long. The sound should be synchronized. But our dev implemented the looping animation without having further control on the loop cycle nor having possibility to gather callbacks (he uses MOAI engine). He says we’ll try go put independent looping animation and looping sound, hoping they stay synchronized (the mission could be like 15 minutes). I’m very skeptical…
Is it an acceptable practice? Or should I convince him to reimplement the animation differently, to keep control on the looping cycle?

We can’t tell you whether it’s acceptable or not, because we don’t know. Every game has unique requirements, and you and your team will always know those better than we do.

You and your developer evidently have different perspectives on this specific implementation - perhaps your different fields of expertise give you different perspectives, or perhaps because you just value certain aspects of the game differently. It’s up to the two of you (and possibly other members of your team) to work out what your differences are, and decide how to move forward.

Thanks Joseph for the insight.
However, my question was technical more than psychological. The dev and I agree on the fact it should stay synchronized, we’re just not sure if we should absolutely have the control on the anim cycle for that. But we’ll know this soon, we will try the easy way first and see if it works. I’ll let you know…