Looping sound pops on stop()


I recently started using FMOD and it’s great!
I have a looping sound, it seems to “pop” whenever I call stop(). However, this is no bug in FMOD as it also happens with the sample in kontakt. So assume the problem is with the sample itself.

Issue in kontakt:

Issue in game:

Looking at the looping points, they start and end on 0 so I’m not quite sure why there is a pop.
Anyone can point me at the right direction?

Try adding an ADSHR Modulator on the volume of the master track and tweaking the attack and release values in Fmod !

Oh I’m just using the low level api, so can’t tweak anything in Fmod. I just don’t understand where the pop is coming from if the sound is ending on 0.

I think what happens is that when stopping the event is abruptly ending without fading out in volume, creating a pop. I you can somehow tweak the volume to fade very quickly when stopping it should solve the issue !

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Using Channel::setVolume to set the volume to zero just before stopping the sound should be enough to stop the popping.