Loosing loop synchronization when setting volume

Hello. I’m using low level API.
I have this issue on android devices, but in Unity Editor everything is ok.

I need to play many loops synchronously. Firstly, I tried to use channel.setposition and it worked well, except cliping. And I’ve started to use channel.setVolume(0 / 1) to turn them off/on. Then I’ve noticed an appearing of small delay on loop which was switched. After some time of reading docs I found that channel.setVolume(0) makes channel virtual, and it’s probably producing this delay even in Unity Editor. Next step I tried to setVolume(0.0001f), and it works good in Editor. But on mobile it’s like the same, delay still happens.
Next step I’ve tried to vary number of loops, and it works perfect for 32 loops. But for 33 it starts to lag.

Does anybody know what’s happening? It seems like fmod has some different settings on different devices. I’ve tried to use system.setAdvancedSetting, but it didn’t help.

I’ve solved it by extending fmod channels count in settings.