Some audio clips are super quiet - only happens after building the game

We are using FMOD in a Unity game, and it runs excellent in Unity editor - dialogues play loud enough.
However, after we built the game and deployed to different platforms (including Windows, Android, and iOS) some of the dialogues start to play with a super low volume.

Also, if the devices were connected to FMOD Studio Live Update, the dialogues would play just as loud as they were played in Unity editor - everything would be just fine. Once we disconnect FMOD Studio Live Update (at the middle of the dialogues having issues), they would go back to low volume again.

We are using FMOD Studio 1.10.20 with Unity 2019.2.10f. FMOD Studio Settings in Unity has Sample Rate set to Platform Default, Virtual Channel Count set to 128, and Real Channel Count set to 64 (but have also tried 24 with no luck).

Did anyone experience this before and/or does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

Can you ensure that you have built the latest banks and provided them to Unity? Could you please try connecting a blank FMOD Studio project to your Unity game via Live Update - does the same volume jump happen? If not and you record a session, can you see if the volume of the dialog events differ to what you are expecting?