[Mac] FMOD crashes all the time.


I’m a new user of FMOD, working on Mac (OS X 10.9.1). Maybe my problem is already known but I didn’t find it on the forum.

FMOD crashes every time I’m opening an audio file in the list of a multi audio region. So I really can’t use it.

Sometimes I can’t even import my audio files, but that’s random.

So I definitely have a problem reading audio files. I already tried :

  • Reinstalling FMOD.
  • Switching for an other version.
  • Using a different audio interface.

I had a look at the Console and saw these messages, but I don’t understand them :

Thank you.

Ok, I think I found a solution (even if I still don’t understand what the problem was).

While installing FMOD I was putting the whole “FMOD studio” folder in my Application folder.

I tried putting only the FMOD.app file in the folder, and for now it didn’t crash.

Same issue for me, only I didn’t move the whole folder to Applications. Crashes all of the time for no good reason; although, most of the time it seems to crash when I am dragging something around in the Audio Bin.

Hi All,

Thanks for the heads up - and apologies for the aggravation!

If you haven’t already, please send through a crash report next time you encounter the issue. It really does help us narrow in on the problem and reduces the turnaround for fixes.

I’ll investigate further and hope to get back to you tomorrow with some good news.

Hi All,

Just an update on this - unfortunately we’re unable to reproduce this issue with our macs here (Mountain Lion, Mavericks). Can you think of anything particular about your setup that could be related?

Hi. I’m afraid don’t have anything interesting for you.

I’m working with OS X 10.9.1 (Mavericks) on a 2011 iMac, and my audio interface a Cakewalk UA-25 EX with the latest drivers.