Magnet Region Loop Not Working (Quantization)

Hello! I am using magnet regions and am having problems with only some of my magnet regions are looping properly. Here’s a video of my problem: why - YouTube

As you can see in the video, each 2 bar region is dependent on the parameter “fill percent” and is quantized to 2 bars. The first region (.1-.2) works as intended - when fill percent is 0.14, it loops. However, the next region (.2-.3), includes the 2 bars after it in its loop, even though fill percent remains 0.24. This happens consistently for both regions, and if I disable quantization it works normally (although I need quantization for other reasons). There are no transition timelines.

The confusing part to me is why it works on one region and not the other. In the video you can see all the settings are the same except for the conditional. Thank you for any help!

I tried to replicate your setup, but it works as it should on my system (FMOD 2.02).

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Very strange, after your message I tried restarting the event from scratch and this time it worked. This seems like a bug to me, so if FMOD Support wants to take a look at the file I will save the broken event.

There is a known issue in certain versions of FMOD Studio where if an instrument or logic marker’s trigger conditions are changed in specific ways, the instrument becomes impossible to trigger until the event is reloaded. The easiest way to reproduce this issue is to add some parameter conditions to an instrument, then to click the “clear” button to remove all parameter conditions from the instrument.

If you encounter this issue, you can force the affected instrument or logic marker to work correctly by reloading the event. To reload the event, deselecting it and then reselect it in FMOD Studio’s events browser.

This issue does not affect in-game behavior (unless you reproduce the bug in FMOD Studio while connected to your game via live update) and so will not affect released versions of your game.

We have developed a fix for this issue. This fix will be included in the next version of FMOD Studio that we release.

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