Managing Audio Resources Across Disparate Unity Projects: Addressable Integration and Real-time Modifications

Hello everyone,

Currently, I’m involved in a relatively large-scale project. In summary, this project can be divided into two main gameplay moments: exploration and combat. Both are separate projects, each with its own repository, and they are unified only in a third project that integrates both mechanics.

Our goal regarding audio is to ensure that the sound banks are independent of each other. We aim to prevent the exploration audio bank from affecting performance in combat and vice versa. Additionally, we are using Addressable for this purpose.

Here are the questions we currently have:

  1. Is it feasible to divide the audio banks into various different sets, even in separate projects in Unity, while maintaining single control over them through a single build? We haven’t found this possibility so far.

  2. Regarding Addressable, is it possible to embed the audio bank and even an FMOD build within it, allowing for real-time modifications?

I look forward to any guidance or insights on these issues. Thank you in advance for your help!


From your description, what you’re asking about likely can be accomplished in some form. However, can I get you to elaborate on a few things?

It is possible, within a single FMOD Studio project, to completely separate your exploration and combat banks. If you do this, then only banks that would share information of both combat and exploration are the Master bank, which contains information about the structure of the mixer and project metadata, and the master strings bank, which contains the paths of all objects in your project (i.e. events, buses, parameters, etc.). Does this sound like what you were envisaging?

The FMOD for Unity plugin supports the use of Addressables and AssetBundles to manage banks. Can you explain what you mean by an “FMOD build”, and what “real-time modifications” would entail?