is not a valid bank

Hi all,

I’m setting up FMOD into a new Unity project but it appears I’m having some problems and can’t find the solution.
I’ve setup the FMOD Settings in Unity correctly, but when I build my banks in FMOD Studio, a message in Unity shows up saying that “ is not a valid bank”. Is that expected? I’m not sure what to do and couldn’t find much info on that matter.
I still don’t have any sounds implemented, so I can’t say if that affects how FMOD and Unity integration is working, but an error like that doesn’t seem good to me.

Thank you all in advance!


Could be due to file corruption or some kind of issue with the path, neither of which you should be getting after a fresh rebuild. A few questions if you don’t mind taking the time:

  • What versions of Unity and FMOD are you using?
  • If you are still getting the error, can you please give me a full stack trace?
  • Did audio end up playing back fine?

Hey Jeff, this was fixed. It was my bad, I was using the wrong version of the FMOD and Unity integration. Once I updated it, this was fixed! Thanks for your input anyways!

Having this same issue. Do you know which versions of both you needed for this to go away? Thanks!

You need the same major versions for the Unity integration and FMOD Studio- i.e Unity integration 2.01.xx requires FMOD Studio 2.01.xx. More details on making sure you’ve got the right versions can be found in our Unity User Guide. Let me know if you need any more help!