Memory Error in fmodstudio11005_v2

There was a topic by Stephen Danton Unity // ERR_MEMORY - Not enough memory or resources , “After repeated usage (play-exit-play) FMOD will fail, raising the ERR_MEMORY noted in the title. The number of play-exit-plays does not seem to be deterministic.”,I met the same problem ,i want to how to fix it.

This should have been fixed in 1.10.05.

If you are still seeing this error, are you able to provide some information on the issue?

  • The platform this is occurring on.
  • The version of Unity being used.
  • Any steps used to reproduce this that may differ from the post linked.

I still have this error also. In my game, I reset RuntimeManager (destroying it) because i want to set softwareformat in a different speaker mode (from 7.1 to 5.1 for example). I’m also seeing this error if a create lowlevel systems.
I excute this function before creating a new system :
result = system.release();

result return ‘ok’.

but it seems it doesn’t clean or release anything. The RAM consumtion is going up every time i destroy it and create a new one.
I’m using FMOD API 1.10.13, Unity 2018.2.21 on windows 10 last build

Edit :
After making a lot of tests, i’ve not the error anymore… the only think i’ve done to make it work is to comment the OnDisable() in the studiolistener script.
Hope this can help other people.

This means that the previous systems are not being released/destroyed properly.
You can get the Low Level or Studio systems from the RuntimeManager rather than creating your own using:

var studioSystem = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.StudioSystem;
var lowLevelSystem = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.LowLevelSystem;