Menu music Loop repeats itself - NOOB

Hi guys, i’m new to FMOD and i’m learning the ways of this great software.

I’m working for a game that begins with a Main Menu and music that i compose. This little piece of music should be looped (i already got that, with loop regions) but the problem the programmers said, is that the music repeats in itself, and this can’t happen.

For EG. In the menu yo press New Game, but in the new game window you press Home (to return to the main menu) and the music starts over, but with the previously music continues to play. Now we have the same music twice…really awful.

I tried with ADSR and with MAX VOICES to 1…but nothing happens.

I hope you can help me. THANKS!!!

I think this sounds more like a problem of the music being badly implemented by your programmer rather than one that has anything to do with Fmod, doesn’t it?
If you go back to the main menu N times and end up with N instances of the same music playing, it sounds like an implementation mistake in the game code.

My 2 cents.