MIDI controller for FMOD? MIDI learn functionality?

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I might be venturing into wish-list territory here, but am wondering if there might be a way for FMOD to easily “learn midi” assignments to enable easy control of multiple parameters at the same time? I understand there’s support for certain Mackie controllers, but I’ve not been able to map anything from hardware to fmod in any useful way so far. [I can get devices to be detected, and have had some haphazard responses in the program, but nothing very user-friendly so far]

Editing textfiles or using third-party libraries might push this into the ‘too hard basket’ … though the more I use FMOD, the more cool ideas I get for other ways to use it. I have a live gig coming up soon and would love to be able to control FMOD as part of the performance. I don’t think it’s really practical without a midi-learn facility though.

Might this be on the horizon perhaps?

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We can certainly add it to our feature requests. There currently isn’t anything on our roadmap for MIDI learning but we will consider it for a future update.


@BeatTherapy and @richard_simms, my friend @alexzzen did this cool tool a while back which allows you to use your MIDI Controllers with FMOD. Might be worth checking it out? :slight_smile:

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It wasn’t a very good solution (not cross platform, spaghetti code), I’ve made the repo private.
Some kind of MIDI support would be nice though, mapping multiple properties to knobs and faders is useful when mixing in Live Update without using the mouse. Or when authoring an event and testing parameter changes in a more organic way :slightly_smiling_face:


Not just that, but it would open up FMOD to other uses as well. But yes, generally speaking it would make it easy to map a MIDI controller and press buttons quickly instead of having to use the mouse to trigger events.

@alexzzen, what is it in your solution that you didn’t like? Would it be easy to use your solution with any MIDI controller?

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