Mismatching header file and precompiled library on PS4 version


I downloaded and installed FMOD Studio and Low Level Programmers API Version 1.08.14 for PS4.

Under: \FMOD Studio API PS4\api\lowlevel\

inc\fmod_common.h has FMOD_VERSION = 0x00010814

However FMOD::System::getVersion() returns 0x00010610

Therefore it seems that the precompiled library lib\libfmod.a is very outdated and does not match neither the header files nor the documentation. Which is really weird.

If I ignore this it mostly works, but I need FMOD::System::getChannelsPlaying() which is defined in the .h but not present in the .a precompiled library, giving me an unresolved reference at linking time.

Besides, I’ve been trying to load up standalone .at9 files (not fsb banks) compressed with Sony’s PS4 SDK at9tool.exe (not fmod exporter) with no luck (libfmodL says that has probed various codecs, but not AT9).

We’re in a hurry with this project. Can I please get some assistance ?


Okay I figured it out.

Turns out that I had some remains of an old installation of FMOD for PS4, since the new version doesn’t seem to include the static version of the library anymore (only dynamic prx versions), the uninstaller didn’t overwrite or erase the static versions of the precompiled lib I had lying around.

Now that I’m using the dynamic libraries that came with the package everything works fine.