Missing DSP plugin 'FMOD Distance Filter'

Recently in our project our output log displays warnings and errors:

LogFMOD: Warning: e:\jk\workspace\1.10_UE4.21_Win64\studio_api\src\fmod_effect.cpp(189) - Missing DSP plugin ‘FMOD Distance Filter’
LogFMOD: Error: e:\jk\workspace\1.10_UE4.21_Win64\studio_api\src\fmod_runtime_manager.cpp(1315) - DSP plugin returned an error, bank will not load properly.

Can you please tell me what is the reason for this warning and error, as in the Project settings -> FMOD Studio - > Plugin files the string array is empty!?
I haven’t noticed any issues in our project regarding this error except once when our newly created 3D events failed to play in PIE (but played in the browser). I resolved the issue by transferring events to other banks. When I transferred events back to original banks, I don’t know if these issues are connected but this type of behavior is very odd. My suspicions are that the project is corrupted in some way, but I don’t know how to confirm or fix this.

I cannot get rid of this warning, I even updated integration and studio instance, but nothing seems to help?

UE4 version 4.21
FMOD Studio 1.10.14

Best, Dino

Hey Dino,

It’s possible that you are using the FMOD Distance Filter in your project. This isn’t included in the integrations by default, you will have to manually add it to the plugin.
You can find the steps for using plugins with the integration here:

To be specific: …YourProjectFolder/Plugins/FMOStudio/Binaries/Win64/

Hope it helps

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Hi Kosmo,
Thanks for your answer. In the meantime, I found the events that had distance filter applied to them and causing this issue.
Can you please tell me where I can find distance_filter or fmod_gain .dll files?
The files do not come with integration pack for UE4!?

Best, Dino

No worries, just copy them from your Fmod installation folder.

Tnx, you have been very helpful.

Best, Dino