Missing Symbols

I’m currently writing a c++/cli wrapper in order to toy around with the FMOD Studio SDK.
However it seems that there are some symbols missing:

enum FMOD_RESULT __stdcall FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::getNumCues(int *)const
enum FMOD_RESULT __stdcall FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::setPitch(float)
enum FMOD_RESULT __stdcall FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::getPitch(float *)const

I’ve checked “fmodstudio_vc.lib” with dumpbin in order to find out if those symbols are exported, however it seems that they are not. Although I didn’t verify this via dumpbin, my linker can’t find those symbols in neither of the “*_vc.lib” files.

I’m using revision “12/04/13 1.00.02 - Studio API patch release (build 42324)” according to the text file in the SDK, which I downloaded today.
It would be great if you could fix these errors for the next release (unless you’ve done that already).


It looks like those functions are currently missing implementations - sorry about that! We’ll get this fixed up as soon as possible.

Just a bump because these still seem to be missing

Hi guys, sorry for the slow response. These functions have been implemented for the next release.